Welcome to the Geek Squad Academy, an Online Learning Platform. It is difficult not to be concerned about the future of our children. Even while there are many parts of their schooling over which we have little influence, there are still ways in which we may help them get ready for success. This is where Best Buy Canada can be of assistance to you. They want to provide a helping hand and they are giving back to the community by launching an exciting new initiative called Best Buy Geek Squad Online Learning, which will be enjoyed by both parents and children.

Geek Squad Academy Online Learning

Best Buy Geek Squad Online Learning is pleased to announce the release of seven new, free, and high-quality educational tools found online. Web Know-How, Bending Binary, Picture Perfect Mobile, 3D Design, Stop Motion Animation, Cryptography, and Game Development with Godot are the titles of the classes that will be offered. With these classes, Best Buy Canada will assist children in continuing their education in the comfort of their own homes.

What Exactly Is This Geek Squad Academy Thing

Best Buy Canada's educational program for children and teenagers ages 10 to sixteen is known as the Geek Squad Academy. This year, they are celebrating 7 successful years of sharing the newest and trendiest technology with Canadian children, and they are doing it by partnering with a variety of schools and groups that are not-for-profit to investigate the wonders and potential offered by technology.

Children Mostly Receive Their Education Online

Now that children mostly receive their education online, the significance of this momentous event cannot be overstated. Although workshops and day camps have been put on hold for the time being, the Best Buy Geek Squad is going to keep moving forward with their mission to share their enthusiasm for technology with children by providing parents and teachers with access to some of the most cutting-edge online classes available.

Free Technological Education For Children

Free technological education for children ages 10 to 16. You may get an up-to-date list of the free courses that are currently being provided by going to the Geek Squad Academy Online Learning. They feature content that is geared exclusively toward children ages 10 to 16, and you and your friends will study a variety of Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2022 together, like HTML, coding, photography, and game creation.

Construction Process Behind The Website

Kids spend a significant amount of time online, but have they ever pondered the construction process behind the websites they frequent? They will gain an understanding of the secret code that powers their preferred websites once they have Web Know-How. Throughout the course, they will get an understanding of the interconnected nature of many forms of code, including HTML, tags, Best Buy Geek Squad and others.

Immediately Begin Coding In HTML

They are given the opportunity to immediately begin coding in HTML and to experiment by making changes to the code in order to learn how a single line of code may affect every aspect of a page. The following is an outline of the class; to learn more about it right now, visit the Best Buy Geek Squad learning platform.

  • What hypertext markup language (HTML) is
  • what HTML tags are.
  • How HTML tags can change items on a webpage.
  • How CSS and HEX codes can impact the design of an entire webpage.

Convert Numbers And Letters Into Binary

If you are able to count up to 10, then you have a good foundation for understanding binary. Binary is a number system that serves as a reliable basis for the operation of computers and even our own minds. Your children will learn how to compose a secret coded message using a technique that is based on something called a base-2 numbering system, and they will also learn how to convert numbers and letters into binary and hexadecimal.

Best Way To Learn The Ropes

When it comes to Bending Binary, experimenting is the best way to learn the ropes. While they are gaining knowledge about binary, your children will have the opportunity to explore, make adjustments to, and learn from their experiences. Have a look at the introduction, and then go on over to Best Buy Geek Squad to investigate it more.

  • What binary is and the applications that may be made of it.
  • How to convert a decimal number into binary?
  • How to translate words and names into binary using ASCII?
  • How to convert binary numbers into hexadecimal.
  • How to construct and decode your own secret message using binary and Best Buy Geek Squad.

Picture Perfect Mobile

Picture Perfect Mobile will show you and your children how to get the most out of the camera function on a mobile device, whether it's a smartphone or a tablet. Mobile devices are capable of taking stunning photographs. You will be instructed on simple techniques for shooting pictures as well as information regarding the exposure, composition, and editing of photographs.

You and your children will quickly become proficient photographers by the time the class is over. This article will provide a brief overview of the free courses that are available through Geek Squad Academy Online Learning.

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Take A Look At The Geek Squad Academy

Take a look at the Best Buy Geek Squad course overview for Picture Perfect Mobile, and then check out the online learning platform for yourself. The several aspects that comprise an exposure photograph.

The Three Settings Of Aperture, Shutter Speed, And ISO

Various strategies to compose a beautiful photo: The Best Buy Geek Squad, Landscapes, and Individual Characteristics. A step-by-step guide to improving photos with mobile editing software: Adjustments to the Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness

Godot Is Used For Game Development.

Godot is a fictional character, right? Users are able to construct their own video games from the ground up with this free and open-source game engine. When you and your children have mastered the fundamental building blocks of Best Buy Geek Squad the possibilities for what you can make are truly endless. You will have an understanding of how video games are created, and your student will have the ability to make their very own video game.